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  Why Do I Keep Getting No Matches Found on My Searches?

This results from any of the following potential problems:

  • If you've been entering a business name incorrect, you may get this message.
  • Try a different keyword, preferably a more general word.
  • Sometimes the business you're trying to find is not available in the country or state you've entered.


  How Do I Change an Incorrect Business Listing?

Incorrect information can be corrected by emailing [email protected] Those under the options Digi-Intermediate or advanced can change their information by themselves with their assigned username and password.

  Is There a ‘Book Directory’ I Can Order?

A printed version of the WebDigi directory is currently being produced. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the business directory, please send us a request at [email protected] We will reserve a copy for you and contact you when it is available


  How do I Add My Business Listing in WebDigi?

Please click on the Registration Form icon and register to add your business to the WebDigi directory. We will contact you as soon as we process your registration form.

  How do I Find Businesses Outside the USA?

You can easily link to various country pages around the world by using the 'select a country' field on our home page.

  What is a domain name? Do I need one?

A domain name is the “address” to your web site. Without it, your web site can be difficult or impossible to access. Whether you need one really depends on whether you have one already.

  What does “hosting” mean?

A hosting provider leases space on their computers and network to you for storage of your web site. Without a hosting provider, you would have to host your web site yourself, which is impractical under most circumstances.

  IP addresses— what are these?

An IP address is the numerical address of a specific computer (or network of computers) on the internet. You will see IP addresses mentioned at many hosting companies. Some hosting companies provide a dedicated IP address for each account, others do not. You can be limited by not having a dedicated IP address, so you should choose hosting companies that provide a dedicated IP address with each account (unless you are sure that you don't need one).

  How is web design priced?

Web design pricing can be complicated, depending on the model that a web design company uses. We currently price most web design services, including programming, at an hourly rate. Our experience with this pricing model is that it is more flexible for meeting our customers' needs.

  What does "SEO" mean and why should I be concerned about it?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization

This is what you will gain from proper SEO:
Increase on-line traffic
Dominate your competition
Fast measurable ROI
Increased conversions
Lower client acquisition costs
Broaden market share

  How do I get visitors to my web site?

Increasing visitors is a goal of many web site owners. There are many ways to increase visitors to your web site, including word of mouth, advertising, publications, search engines, and more. We specialize in search engine submission and optimization, which gets your web site listed on hundreds of internet search engines. Because search engines are so commonly used for finding information, this medium is a very important contributor to traffic generation.

  Web-based e-mail vs. POP e-mail

Web-based e-mail is provided to you by sites like hotmail.com. This is useful because you can easily check your e-mail from any computer with internet access. However, your e-mail is not saved on your computer. POP e-mail actually saves e-mail on your computer for access using mail programs like Outlook and Eudora. Some POP accounts also provide web-based access so you can access your e-mail when you're not at your own computer.

  What is “E-Commerce?”

E-commerce normally refers to transactions made over the internet, such as orders made on a web site using a credit card.