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Google Map API
Google Map API

Available at cpan is perl module called Geo::Coder::Google which access the google maps web service and returns matching geocode information for the queried address / zip code.

The above API takes an address as input and returns all matching results for the input address.

The returned result would contain certain fields. For instance on inputting the following address '4140 STONEWOOD CIR, TX, 77630'.

In this case, it's an exact match for the queried address. If the queried address is vague, i.e. there's more than one matching address for the queried address in the google database, then more than one result is returned.

More details about the google maps API is available at http://www.google.com/apis/maps/
GMAC Real Estate
GMAC Real Estate

Project I (Real estate portal)

Technical Specifications:
Technology involved
Database MySQL 5.0
Project Outline
PlanetRealestate is Real estate portal targeting prospective buyers and tenants essentially providing information on the available lots.
We did the Spanish Trail -- an Las Vegas based spin-off of PlanetRealestate.
GMAC Real Estate
Find An Agent

Project II (Google Geocoding service)

Technology involved
Project Outline
This is part of the real estate project PlanetRealestate
Client used to use a paid service for mapping the geocode information to target zipcode
Uses the free geocode mapping service by Google
Used the Geo::Coder::Google perl module from cpan